Used Van Finance 

Here at Vans Direct, we understand the importance of getting the right financial deal for your business to flourish. That's why we offer a range of van hire purchases and affordable van leasing options to either help get you started, add to your fleet, or replace an aging used van.

We provide a simple and seamless process so that we can get you on the road quickly. Our friendly expert team is here to help and answer any questions that you might have. Our mission is to make your life as easy as possible.

We have over 25 years of experience.

Pick up the phone and contact Vans Direct today to speak to someone about your hire purchase or financial lease needs today, or use our free online eligibility checker, which doesn't effect your credit score.

Van Hire Purchase 

Van hire purchase is probably the most uncomplicated financial plan available. The deposit is generally very low followed by monthly instalments. During your contractual period, you hire the van until you complete the payments and have full ownership of the vehicle.

• Low Deposit - From £99 or VAT only (or more if preferred)
• VAT Deposits - Reclaimable (VAT registered customers)
• Repayment Periods from 12 - 60 Months
• You will benefit from capital allowances which could be up to 100% which can be offset against taxable profits
• At the end of the agreement, you become the outright owner of the vehicle
• There are no mileage restrictions
• Fixed Rate Interest
• No added VAT to payments

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