• Warranty

    All our vehicles are supplied with a comprehensive parts and labour Vans Direct warranty, which can be extended up to 4 years.


    Failure of the following mechanical parts: Starter ring gear, flywheel, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings, timing gears and chains (excluding tensioner and electronic devices) camshafts and bearings, cam followers, oil cooler, intercooler, tappet gear, valves and guides (excluding burnt out valves) pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, Exhaust brake all parts (excluding seizing), core plugs, rear main oil seal, timings cover oil seal, thrusts & shims. Timing belts are covered
    as long as they have been changed in line with the manufacturers schedules. You will need to be able to provide proof of this.

    Cooling System
    Failure of the following mechanical parts; Head gasket, thermostat, cooling fan clutch, water pump, radiator, excluding choked, blocked or corroded units and all other parts associated with the cooling system.

    Manual Transmission
    Failure of the following parts: gears, shafts, synchro hubs, selectors, bearings & bushes, splitter mechanisms, range changes and overdrive units when fitted (excluding electrics and external linkages). Range change and splitter valves and solenoids.

    Automatic Transmission
    Failure of the following: Torque convertor, gears, clutches, brake
    bands, valve block, governor, oil pump, bearings and bushes (but
    excluding external linkages, adjustments and electrics).

    (Manual Transmission) Failure of the following parts: Clutch plate, clutch cover, thrust bearing (excluding external linkages, burnt out parts and general wear & tear). Limited to one clutch repair during the period of cover.

    Front Wheel Drive
    Drive shafts, including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings (excluding gaiters).

    Rear Axles
    Failure of the following mechanical parts: Crown wheel and pinion, half shafts, half shaft oil seal and bearings, hub reduction gears, bearings and two-speed operating mechanisms (excluding external linkages). Diff locks and mechanism, planetary gears, diff pinion seal.

    4 Wheel Drive Vehicles
    Cover as above for front and real wheel drive.

    Failure of the propshaft including universal joints and bearings.

    Failure of the following parts: Starter motor, alternator, wiper motor, relays, electric window motors, tachograph and sender units, buzzers, horns (including air horns), flasher/headlamp switch (all other parts are excluded).

    Fuel System
    Failure of the lift pump and fuel injection pump, EDC units, pump couplings, excluding injectors, pipes, linkages and all other parts associated with the fuel system.

    Failure of the following mechanical parts: Steering box, idler box, power steering unit including pump, pressure pipes and reservoir (excluding power steering belts, external links and joints, rubber boots ad swivel pins).

    Braking System
    Failure of the following mechanical parts: Master cylinder, air control cylinder and brake actuators, air valves, servo, wheel cylinders and calipers, ABS valves and sensors and control units, compressor/air dryer, brake chambers. (All other parts associated with the braking systems are specifically excluded from this policy).

    Turbo Charger
    All internal parts.

    Engine Management
    Engine Electronic control unit.

    Front and rear levelling valves, load sensor valves, air bags, levelling control unit for raising and lowering of suspension.

    The following casings are covered provided they have been damaged by a failure and/or by the consequential damage of the insured parts failing: Cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox/transfer casing, rear axle housing, carrier casing and bell housing (Damage as a result of accident, frost or overheating is excluded).

    *Customers should be aware of the following...

    No recovery included with this warranty 
    Any repair carried out prior to authorisation from Vans Direct will not be reimbursed 
    Courtesy Vehicles are subject to availability

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