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Used Mercedes Vans: A Smart Investment

One of the most popular names in the automotive industry, Mercedes is known for designing stylish cars with exciting features at a competitive price. If you’re looking for used Mercedes vans for business or personal use, you’re sure to find a wide variety that are still in excellent condition for a price that’s more than fair.
The origins of Mercedes are incredibly interesting. The Benz Patent Motorwagen was the first petrol-powered car and was patented in January of 1886. The first Mercedes automobile was marketed in 1901 and by 1926, Mercedes-Benz vehicles were being produced. An automobile company that has been able to survive all the challenges of history certainly knows how to design a vehicle that the public wants and the following models are no exception.


Introduced in 2012, the Citan is a panel van and mini MVP. There are a variety of body styles because the van is marketed for both passenger use and light commercial use. The van is available in three different lengths and three different body styles. The smaller body style seats two people and leaves plenty of room for cargo while the largest seats up to five comfortably.
If there is one disappointing feature of the Citan, it would be the lower than expected safety scores that it received. However, improved safety features were promised and with each new year’s model, safety will surely improve. If you chose to purchase an early version of this van, be sure to have the airbags checked.


The Vito is the standard panel van for cargo produced by Mercedes. They also produce the V-Class or Viano, which is the same model but features more passenger accommodations rather than cargo space. The Vito has been around since 1996, which means that there is a wide variety of used merchandise available. Newer models have plenty of exciting new features, like upgraded materials and new technology that makes day to day business tasks much easier.
There are three lengths to choose from, along with either a six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed TouchShift automatic. With such a variety of upgrades and features, it’s hard to not find everything that you’re looking for in a used Vito.
As far as safety goes, newer versions of the Vito include Attention Assist, which can help to detect signs of inattention and stop an accident before it happens. There are plenty of standard safety features that make the Vito a serious protector of both its driver and cargo.


Need a van that means business? The Sprinter is made for the big jobs but still looks great driving down the road. The Sprinter Worker features a diesel engine and can both tow and hold plenty of cargo. It only requires service every 20,000 miles so you won’t be spending all of your time or finances at the mechanic.
There are plenty of other variations of the Sprinter, including the 4x4, which is the only ex-factory on-demand four-wheel drive Commercial van. It’s ideal for those who need to be on the road no matter what the weather is. The Sprinter Super Single features single rear tires, which allows you to easily fit a standard pallet between the rear wheel arches. There’s also the Sprinter Super High Roof, for those that need a little more height for their cargo.
When one thinks of purchasing a commercial van, Mercedes might not be the first name that comes to mind. But if you want to pull up to each job in style while also knowing that you’re in a dependable vehicle, there are plenty of used Mercedes vans for sale that would be a great investment for your company.

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