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Used Renault Vans Deliver Every Time

Groupe Renault has been a successful multinational automobile manufacturer for over a century and has dabbled in a wide variety of automobiles, including trucks, tractors and even tanks. But today, Renault is known for their commercial vans.
If your business is in the market for used Renault vans, you’ll be happy to learn that their three top models last beyond the average commercial van, making them perfect to purchase used. Check out any of these models to meet your business needs.


If you want a commercial van that doesn’t have the traditional look of a business vehicle, the Renault Kangoo is the perfect option. It’s been in production since 1997 and there have been several generations of the vehicle.
It should come as no surprise that the Kangoo is one of Europe’s top sellers in its class and because of its popularity, you can bet that Renault has come up with just about every type of custom feature that there is. The standard Kangoo van can hold 3.0 cubic metres of cargo while the larger version of the van can hold up to 4.0 cubic metres with a little creativity. But it gets even better. Both versions of the Kangoo feature fold-flat front passenger seats, which allow about .5 more cubic metres of cargo space in each vehicle.
Unfortunately, there is no high-roof option in the Kangoo but if your cargo doesn’t require higher ceilings, there are plenty of options available that will make it both easier and more convenient to stash everything you need in a Kangoo.


Described as dynamic and robust, the Traffic by Renault is the perfect balance of eye-catching design and practical usage of space. Consider any of their styles for your business needs. The Panel Van gives you the option of a short or long wheelbase, standard or high roof and glazed or paneled. Thanks to the low load threshold, you’ll save energy and your back when loading up your cargo.
The Crew Van includes a little more space for passengers but still delivers on crucial cargo space. With seating for six, you can still keep all of your tools and materials stored in a safe and organized manner. Imagine going from two or three vehicles to one, all because of the smart design behind the Traffic Crew Van.
Finally, the Passenger has seating for up to nine people. The most precious kind of cargo need comfort and safety and this van definitely delivers. In fact, Renault has a wide variety of safety features, mostly standard, that are available in their vans, depending on the model. These features include a reversing camera with sensor, side, curtain and thorax airbags and tyre pressure monitoring systems.


Are you the master of your industry? Then the Master by Renault was made for you in mind. It was designed for professionals by design and function experts. To begin with, there is plenty of space in the cab to set up an on-the-road office. Never be out of touch again.
The steel roof rack also makes use of the space above the van. Designed to work in tandem with swing door versions of the van, you can rest assured that any riding cargo will be safe and secure. As far as the cargo inside the van, a non-slip wooden floor feature really sets this vehicle apart from the rest. The wooden floor not only protects the body of your vehicle but keeps the most delicate of cargo from slipping, no matter the driving conditions.
If you really want a custom van though, the Master Conversion is perfect for ambulances, construction vehicles, minibuses, refrigerated vans and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing a Master van for your business needs.
While they may not offer as many vans as other companies, Renault certainly presents top of the line options. When looking for used Renault vans for sale, you’re sure to find a one that fits into your price point yet meets all of your requirements.

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